How to build a thriving business in Pakistan

A Pakistani business owner, who works in the city of Lahore, is trying to turn his small business into a thriving one.

We are a small business owner who is looking to establish a business here in Lahore.

We are looking to expand to other cities in Pakistan.

He said the business has become very popular among the locals, as it has become a popular choice for young people to shop for their daily needs.

The shopkeeper, who did not want to be named, said he had not been able to start a business since the Pakistani government launched a new economic and fiscal policy in 2015.

“There is no way to get a licence or an investment in this market, which has been extremely slow,” he said.

Since the policy launched in 2015, the government has made several decisions that have resulted in increased unemployment and stagnant prices in the country.

The policy also resulted in a drop in the stock of imported goods, he said, adding that it is difficult to get new ideas or to take on new employees.

A similar phenomenon has been seen in neighbouring India, where a similar economic growth strategy is also affecting the country, said a senior Indian official.

This time around, the policy has meant that people are looking for alternative ways to get their daily necessities, he added.

In a country where the economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, it is hard to see how a business like this could thrive, he told Al Jazeera.