CBA CEO says the industry needs to make more of a ‘tourism’ of the ‘sports world’

CBA chief operating officer Brian Prakash has revealed the industry has a “touristic” problem and the sport is the “perfect environment” for it.

Speaking to Australian Business Review ahead of the CBA’s annual conference in Sydney on Monday, Prakush said the sport has an “enthusiasm” to be seen in the “sports world” but the industry is also facing a “cultural disconnect” and needs to be “toured more”.

“We need to bring in people to the business and be more of an enthuisment of the sports world,” Prakish said.

“We’re not in the sports business for sport.

We’re in the business of entertainment.

We’ve got to bring the sports into the entertainment world and that’s what we’re going to do.”

When we say sports, we mean a lot of things.

We don’t mean a football game.

We can’t pretend that we are a football league.

We have to bring that into the world.

That’s the best way to do it.

“It’s a cultural disconnect that’s coming from the business world, but the sports are the perfect environment.”

The CBA is also “doing everything it can” to improve the “cultural experience” of the business, Pravin Lal said.

The chief executive of the Sydney-based company, which owns the Rugby League Club, said the business was “doing all we can” in order to “treat rugby league as a cultural event”.

Prakash said he is also aware of the challenges that the industry faces, including the lack of sponsorship from corporate sponsorships, and the fact the NRL is “under-performing”.

“I think we’re doing everything we can to help that process, to try to keep the sport as an entertainment event, to bring it back to the sports and bring it to the world,” he said.

Prakush also revealed the company was in discussions with the AFL and Major League Baseball over possible “major sponsorships” for the 2018/19 season.PRAKASH: Rugby League is a culture-driven sport PRAKUSH: Rugby league is a cultural sport PRAGANSHA: I think we are doing everything I can to try and help that and get our sport back to its cultural status.