How you can help save your company’s accreditation from the ACCI – Business Rules Forum

The ACCI, the trade association for the business industry, has announced that it will ban all accreditation applications from companies and individuals that breach its rules.

The move comes amid concerns about the ACCIT guidelines, which were released on Wednesday and set out how the industry should regulate itself.

The ACCI’s move comes at a time when the industry is under increased scrutiny and is also facing increased scrutiny from regulators, who are seeking more control over how businesses operate.

“It is a very difficult and uncertain time for the industry,” ACCI chairperson David Coleman told the Business Rules forum.

“The ACC’s guidelines and policies are an important contribution to helping to keep the industry safe, but we need more from all of us.”

Mr Coleman said the ACC would also seek to increase transparency, and seek more public input on how to update the rules.

“We will continue to review our accreditation system in the light of recent events and take the steps necessary to protect the industry and its businesses,” he said.

The ban on new applications comes as the industry looks to improve its accreditation.

In June, the ACC said it would “require companies to show that they have a strong and positive impact on local communities” by providing “financial and business incentives” and “social responsibility” to staff.

“There are strong lessons to be learnt from the past, and I am pleased to announce the ACC will no longer accept new applications that do not meet these requirements,” ACCC chairman Tony Griffiths said at the time.

“This change is part of the ACC’s commitment to improve accreditation standards in Australia.”

The ACC has now released the ACC I accreditation guidelines for businesses, which are available to read and view online.

“Businesses can use these guidelines to assess their business and comply with the accreditation requirements set out in the ACC Principles and Rules,” the ACC website reads.

“These rules are designed to ensure the safety and sustainability of the industry, to provide a level playing field for businesses to compete, and to ensure that businesses meet ACC standards.”

The guidelines also state that an applicant must be a registered Australian business and be “an accredited business for business purposes”.

The ACC says that a registered business must “have been operating for at least five years”.

The group also says that an entity can be considered a registered entity if it meets certain criteria.

“To be an accredited business, an entity must have a recognised registered entity status, have achieved the level of accreditation of at least one of the registered entities and be actively engaged in an area of activity for which there is a recognised regulatory regime for the area of interest,” the guidelines state.

“For more information, see our definition of registered entity.”

Companies can use the ACC II accreditation criteria to assess whether they meet those criteria.

The accreditation review is part from the accrediting body’s review of the accreditations for the banking and insurance industries.