Which British businesses will benefit from Brexit?

The UK business community is divided over the economic impact of Brexit, with some arguing it will boost the fortunes of those businesses which will be left behind.

Read moreTheresa May’s Government has said that a vote to leave the European Union would allow Britain to renegotiate the terms of its membership of the bloc, and some believe it will also open up opportunities for British businesses in the future.

Read MoreIn the business community, many of those in the UK business sector are in favour of remaining in the EU and believe that the uncertainty over the future of Brexit has caused many businesses to focus on the positives.

ReadMoreHowever, business leaders have been more vocal in their criticism of the Government’s approach to Brexit, saying that the Government has been too slow to respond to their needs and fears.

“We need a robust, detailed and robust response to Brexit and that has not been delivered,” said Stephen Barclay, chief executive of the British Chambers of Commerce.

“There has been no action by the Government in the wake of Brexit on issues like investment and employment and the Government should deliver that in the next few weeks.”

Read moreA number of business leaders also said they believe that businesses will suffer if they do not receive the right level of support from the Government.

“I’m not convinced that we will benefit economically from Brexit,” said Simon Cockerham, chief operating officer of the CBI.

“I’m also not convinced about the benefits for the UK’s trade.

The impact will be less than we thought and that will impact the UK as a whole, as well as the rest of the world.”

If we don’t have the right measures in place to provide our businesses with the right certainty and certainty that they need, the risks will outweigh the benefits.

Brexit is a big risk to the economy, the trade relationship and the UK. “

We need to prepare to have to rethink our business plans and to do things differently and to make sure that we have the infrastructure to manage the challenges that Brexit will bring.”

“Brexit is a big risk to the economy, the trade relationship and the UK.

If we don.t prepare for this then we are going to lose all of those things that have built this economy,” said McCartney.

The Business Council of Britain (BCB) has also issued a warning about the impact of a potential Brexit loss of investment and jobs.

“The Government must do more to reassure business in the weeks ahead about the economic risks of Brexit and the economic benefits of continued membership of a customs union,” said the BCB’s chief executive, Stephen Gethins.

“While we are not advocating a ‘hard Brexit’, we urge the Government to put in place the right safeguards to ensure that businesses have confidence and certainty of trade and investment with the EU.”

The Business Secretary has promised to make a case for staying in the European Economic Area (EEA) after Brexit.

“It is essential that the Prime Minister takes this opportunity to make clear the Government does not want to lose the trade benefits of the Single Market.

This is a key part of the Brexit deal and we need to make this a priority,” he said.

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