‘You know what’s important?’ – Business forum

Business forum site Luton Business Forum has apologised after a post calling on people to be more charitable in a bid to reduce the number of suicides in the UK.

In a post entitled “You know What’s Important?” on Thursday, a user by the name of Danica Fossey asked people to consider donating money to the Luton branch of the Samaritans.

“If you are struggling with depression, you can’t afford to spend your life in debt and can’t go on living like a beggar,” she said.

“You can’t be selfish, you need to be charitable.

Donate money to a local Samaritans branch, it is so important.”

In a subsequent post, the user wrote: “If I don’t think of you, I can’t imagine you.

Don’t feel ashamed of yourself.

We are all so selfish.”

Luton Mayor John Whalley has also called on the community to “give something back”.

“People should be able to support each other in times of need, even if that means they end up homeless,” he said.

Luton Police has not yet responded to The Independent’s request for comment.

The Samaritans’ London branch has said that the post was a mistake and that it was not responsible for the incident.

“The Samaritans has a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and we have a zero tolerance policy for any form of hate crime,” the branch said in a statement.

“We also condemn any and all behaviour that seeks to cause or promote hate crime and have a strict zero tolerance for anyone engaging in violence against others.”