How the World’s Worst CEO Could Beat The U.S. Supreme Court

Business Insider readers weigh in on the best and worst CEO’s of the last century, and the best CEO’s have to be those who took the company public on their own.

The United States Supreme Court will decide whether to review an investor class action lawsuit filed by some shareholders who allege that the company’s board and management made a deliberate decision to sell shares in order to avoid paying dividends, a move that led to the company making a loss.

The case, which is now pending before the court, could determine whether or not the Supreme Court is bound by the 2015 Citizens United ruling, which legalized unlimited corporate spending in elections.

The court is expected to hear arguments in that case in March.

Here are some of the best, worst, and most interesting CEO’s from the last 100 years.1.

William Shirer2.

Thomas Edison3.

John B. Clark4.

George Westinghouse5.

Walter Reuther6.

Michael Jordan7.

Paul Allen8.

John Doerr9.

John Henry Humphrey10.

Donald W. Reynolds11.

John L. Sullivan12.

James L. Scopes13.

William F. Buckley14.

Arthur Levinson15.

John F. Kennedy16.

Charles H. White17.

Charles R. Witherspoon18.

Jack Welch19.

Howard Hughes20.

John D. Rockefeller21.

Warren Buffett22.

John Sutter23.

Paul G. Allen24.

John R. McCormick25.

Robert I. B. Earl26.

Warren H. Ackman27.

James B. Kaiser28.

Charles Schwab29.

Robert J. Lupton30.

John W. Stumpf31.

John Welch32.

George H.W. Bush33.

Robert Kennedy34.

Donald Trump35.

Jack Kemp36.

Paul W. Elliott37.

Robert F. McDonnell38.

Donald J. Trump39.

Donald Rumsfeld40.

David Rockefeller41.

Ronald Reagan42.

Michael Bloomberg43.

Howard Schultz44.

Henry Kissinger45.

Charles Lindbergh46.

Thomas Watson47.

Robert Gates48.

John G. Kaiser49.

Richard M. Nixon50.

Donald P. Rooney51.

Paul McCartney52.

Henry Ford53.

Howard Stern54.

Paul Ryan55.

Michael Milken56.

William H. Taft57.

Jack Langdon58.

Charles Wilson59.

Robert A. Gates60.

Andrew Carnegie61.

Michael Deaver62.

Robert Moses63.

George Wallace64.

Michael Ovitz65.

Ronald Regan66.

George W. Bush67.

Donald Sussman68.

Walter Cronkite69.

John Paulson70.

Ronald Wilson71.

Donald M. Kates72.

Andrew Mellon73.

George Shultz74.

Robert Rector75.

John Mackovic76.

Robert McNamara77.

Richard G. Cheney78.

George Bush 79.

Henry Luce80.

John Edwards81.

Paul Wolfowitz82.

Michael Porter83.

Henry Wallace84.

Ronald W. Brown81.

Henry L. Stimson85.

Ronald Ross 86.

William S. Bennett87.

Ronald L. Sandler88.

Robert S. McFarlane89.

Thomas C. Taylor90.

Andrew H. Neuman91.

Henry Morgenthau92.

Charles W. Eliot93.

Richard C. Reeves94.

Paul Volcker95.

Michael Eisner96.

Andrew Puzder97.

Mark Wert 98.

David Koch99.

Robert Zoellick100.

Richard Branson