Teen business forum: ‘We’ll be here’ for you

The Teen Business Forum has announced its new Facebook group to celebrate the launch of its brand new social media platform.

The Teen Business forum is set to launch on Friday (8 July) and is set up in partnership with the Teen Network to help young entrepreneurs build their business and social networks.

The new Teen Business Group will focus on promoting a range of topics from business advice to advice on the new Teen Network, including how to start and grow a business and how to connect with other young people in the industry.

The forum will also feature weekly podcasts, live events and events featuring speakers from the industry, as well as news and interviews.

The group will also host weekly chats and meetups with leading experts in the UK’s growing tech and media sectors.

The platform is the first of its kind in the world to feature a social network with a focus on business and networking.

Teen Network will be one of the first digital companies to launch its platform with a mission to encourage, support and encourage young people to get into the digital world.

It has also revealed the Teen Business Board, with the board of directors of Teen Network and its partner organisation, Teen Network UK.

The board will be chaired by young people from across the UK who will be asked to share their experiences of starting a business, building a social media following and gaining a social impact.

The team will include members of the Teen UK Board of Directors, who will oversee the Teen Global business team and be responsible for the Teen London business team, Teen Media and Teen Business Network.