Why do you have to be a member of a registered association to join a football club?

The Football Association of Italy (FAI) has published guidelines on how football clubs can register their memberships in order to gain a UEFA membership.

The rules were published in an article in the latest edition of the governing body’s website.

FAI president Andrea Agnelli told SportItalia the club must be registered with a registered authority and have its membership number stamped in the register.

“The number of members must be known to the club in accordance with the regulations,” Agnellisi said.

“This will help to prevent club members from being identified with a club by their number.”

A club is registered with the FAI if it has at least 5,000 members, as well as the number of its registered club owners.

“Agnelli said clubs must also make sure their members are able to make use of its services, such as social media, while they are members.