What is the Doral business intelligence forum?

Posted July 07, 2018 06:59:37 A new forum in Florida has been launched to help businesses and entrepreneurs across the state understand the latest trends in business intelligence.

Doral Business Intelligence Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of business intelligence across Florida.

The forum, hosted by the DORAL Business Intelligence Alliance (DBIA), aims to provide a forum for businesses to share their business intelligence needs and challenges.DORAL BIA members can find information about their business on the Dora’s Business Intelligence and Analytics website.The Dora�s Business Intelligence & Analytics website includes news articles, videos, interactive tools, resources and more.

To get started with the forum, click here and you will be directed to a page that will allow you to register.

You will be asked to sign up and enter your personal information.

Once you have completed your registration, click the “Register Now” button to complete your registration.

Once your registration has been successfully completed, you will see a link to complete the registration.

After your registration is complete, click “Sign Up Now” to begin the registration process.

The Forum will become active on August 1, 2018.

The first forum will be held at DORA�s office at 1001 E. E. Ritchie Road in Orlando.

To register for the forum at Dora��s office, please visit doralbusinessintelligence.org/forum and follow the instructions.

For questions, concerns or general questions, please contact the DDAI at 1-888-646-1182 or [email protected]